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Norelco HQ9 Shaving Kit

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  Norelco HQ9 Shaving Kit

Norelco HQ8 shaving heads come in a package of 3 cutters and 3 combs. Norelco suggests that to keep your shave sharp and close that you replace the HQ9 shaving heads every year for maximum performance. This set also includes one package of the HQ9 replacement blades, one HQ110 razor lubricant and one Sterling razor cleaner.

For models numbered:
8138XL 8140XL 8150XL 8151XL 8160XL 8160XLCC 8170XL 8170XLCC 8171XL 8175XL 8240XL 8250XL 8251XL 8260XL 8260XLCC 8270XL 8270XLCC 8280XL 9160XL 9170XL 9170XLC 9170XLCC 9190XL 9195XL PT920

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