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Krups MS-0925376 Water Filter Cartridge Key

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  Krups MS-0925376 Water Filter Cartridge Key

For models numbered:
920 922 927 EA801B51/700 EA8240J4/70A EA8240J4/70B EA8245J4/70A EA8245J4/70B EA8250J4/70A EA8250J4/70B EA8250J4/70C EA8255J4/70A EA8255J4/70B EA8255J4/70C EA8260J4/70A EA8260J4/70B EA8261J4/70A EA8261J4/70B EA8261J4/70C EA826E51/70B EA826E51/70C EA827E51/70C EA900050/700 EA901050/700 XP2010 XP2070 XP228050/1P0 XP228050/1P1 XP400050/3C0 XP403050/3C0 XP405050/3C0 XP522050/1P0 XP522050/1P1 XP524050/1P0 XP524050/1P1 XP7225J4/70F XP7225J4/70G XP7230J4/70F XP7230J4/70G XP7245J4/70G XP7260J4/70G

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