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  Cuisinart SPB7-20TXN-2PACK Blender Blade Driver Clutch, 2 Pack

SPB-720TXN is the replacement coupling for your Cuisinart Blender. Replacing the plastic driver clutch will allow the Cuisinart blender to work like new.

For models numbered:
BC-56 BFP-10CH BFP-603 BFP-703 BFP-703CH BFP-703R CB-1400PC CB-18 CB-3 CB-4 CB-5 CB-6 CB-600 CB-600BJ CB-600FPBW CB-600FPPC CB-600FPPC2 CB-600FPPC3 CB-600FPPC4 CB-600PC CB-600SA CB-600SILPC CB-7 CB-8 CB-9 CBT-500 CBT-600 CBT-700 FPB-5 FPB-5C FPB-5PC SB-5600 SMO-56 SPB-10CH SPB-3 SPB-5 SPB-6 SPB-600 SPB-7 SPB-7BCH SPB-7CH

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