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  Cuisinart DLC-839ATX-1 Detachable Stem

The Cuisinart DLC-839ATX-1 detachable stem is compatible with many different Cuisinart food processors. The detachable stem is used so that the user can interchange blades and discs with their machine.

For models numbered:
CFP-11BCPC CUSTOM11 DFP-11 DLC-2011 DLC-2011BC DLC-2011BCN DLC-2011BKN DLC-2011CHB DLC-2011N DLC-2011RN DLC-3011 DLC-3011CHN DLC-8E DLC-8F DLC-8M DLC-8P DLC-8PLUS DLC-8S EV-11PC5 EV-11PC6 EV-11PC7 EV-11PC8 EV-11PC9

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