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Please select the Mens Shavers model number from the list below. If you need assistance, please call 1-888-277-5776.

5646 5647 5649 5BF1
5MF1 6MF1 8975 8985
8986 8987 8990 8991
8995 8MF1 9BF2 DA-107
DA-307BLK DA-307 DA-325 DA-407
DA-57 DA-757 DA-767 DDA-57
DF-10 DF-20 DF-300 DF-30
DF-40 DF-55 DF-56 DF-57
DF-5 ES-1000 F3790 F3900
F4790 F5790 F710 F720
FF-400 FR500 FR730 GTX-1000
GTX-2000 GTX-3000 GTX-300 GTX-700
GTX-800 GTX-900 HGX-1 M-2180
M-22810 M-2810 M-2811 M-2820
M-2822 M-2825 M-2830 M-7830
M-8221 M-822 MS-2270 MS-2370
MS-280 MS-290 MS-5100 MS-5200
MS-5500 MS-5700 MS-6963 MS-700
MS-900 MS2-090 MS2-100 MS2-200
MS2-2100 MS2-250 MS2-260 MS2-270
MS2-280 MS2-290 MS2-300 MS2-370
MS2-390 MS2-400BB MS2-400 MS2-90
MS2100 MS2200 MS2270 MS2300
MS2370 MS2400 MS290 MS3-0004
MS3-1000 MS3-1700 MS3-2000 MS3-2700
MS3-3000 MS3-3500 MS3-3700 MS3-4000
MS3-4500 MS3-4700 MS34700 PM-950
R-1000 R-200 R-225 R-3130
R-400 R-4100 R-4130 R-425
R-450 R-460 R-5130H R-5130
R-600 R-6130 R-650 R-7130HCDN
R-7130 R-745 R-800 R-825
R-830 R-835 R-842 R-845
R-850 R-856 R-860 R-870
R-872 R-875 R-890 R-8943
R-9100 R-9170 R-9190 R-9200
R-9250 R-9270 R-9300 R-9350
R-9370 R-9400 R-9470 R-9500
R-950 R-960 R-TCT R450
R650 R800 R845 R890
R900 R950 RR-35 RR-41
RR-42 RR-45DT RR-45 RR-50DT
RR-50 RR-55DT RR-55 RS-4263
RS-4400 RS-440 RS-4623 RS-4843
RS-4863 RS-6720 RS-6721 RS-6930
RS-6943 RS-6963 RS-7830 RS4400
RS4623 RS4843 RS4863 SF-2
SF-3 SF-4 TA-3050 TA-3070
TA-4570 TA-5570 TA-5571 TA4570
TF-100 TF-200 TF-300 TF-400
TF-500 TF-600 TF-700 TF600
WDF-1500 WER-4200 WR-5000 WRR-8000
XLR-1000 XLR-2000 XLR-3000 XLR-300
XLR-700 XLR-800 XLR-810 XLR-9000
XLR-900 XLR-9200 XLR-930 XLR-9500
XLR-9600 XLR-9800 XT100